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About Me
I am excited to start another school year teaching 7th Grade Math at Starmount Middle School!  I am committed to helping your student grow in mathematical understanding and as an individual student.
Contact Information / Schedule
Please sign up for your account by texting @slowe to 81010.
1st Period:  7th Grade Math
2nd Period: 7th Grade Math
3rd Period:  Planning (Best time to contact me)
4th Period: 7th Grade Math
5th Period: 7th Grade Math
6th Period: 7th Grade Math
7th Period: Flex
7th Grade Math Standards
We will begin the year in math class learning about proportional relationships. This will include rates, unit rates, ratios, and graphing proportional relationships.  We will also work with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing positive and negative numbers.  
Classroom Expectations
Students need to come prepared for class with all materials ready for an awesome learning experience!  They will need the following materials:  paper and pencils.  Respectful and kind behavior is expected!  Homework that is given is designed to reinforce skills learned in class.  It also helps to build confidence in your ability to work through mathematical concepts.  Please complete all assignments.  I am always available to help and want you to have a successful year at Starmount Middle School!