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Welcome to Love's Math class.  I am planning on a wonderful, full year of learning. By teaching both 7th and 8th grade math I look forward to seeing how the curriculum develops as well as the students.I am sure there will be struggles but that will lead to growth which is our goal. Stay positive, ask questions, and keep trying. Don't give up on me and I will not ever give up on you.
Needed materials: paper (binder or notebook) and pencils
Expectations: Keep trying! Attempt all I give you. Take the notes, try all the problems, and do the homework. We can only fix what we have to work with. If you show nothing, we have nothing to work with. Also, stay focused on class when in class. Do not distract others who need to grow same as you.
Planning period/Contact time (best time to contact me): 10:15-11:00  Emails work great for me. I usually check emails 3 times during the day and will get back to you within a few hours or the next day if late.
First Quarter:
8th grade- We are readjusting the presentation of the curriculum so please be patient with me. We will start the first quarter with transformations which most students like. After several items in the geometry strand of study we will finish this quarter with equations. My personal favorite.
7th grade- Our year will begin with the ratio and proportion strand. Most students understand how rates, unit rates and such impact our lives. The next strand in this quarter is number systems. This includes absolute value, opposites, and much work with positive and negative numbers. This is normally fairly easy and a great way to start off the year. It allows students to get into a rhythm again of focus and homework.